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Art in Lent: Music, the Pieta, and thinking about how we express ourselves

Music at St Paul has been difficult at times over the last 2 years. Yet, we have continued to find ways to play, sing, and ring through worship and other events in our lives. This past week - on Sunday, March 6th - the 11:00 Choir sang "Lamb of God" by M. Christiansen. You can go here and look for that service in our archives: - it starts about 50:48. This morning on Sunday, March 13th our 8:30 Choir sang K. Lee Scott's "Contemplation of the Cross" - which can be found by going to the same link, and going to that service at 8:30 in the archives, beginning around 36:20. Both of these anthems are a sample of the music of Lent that reminds us of the sacrifice Jesus would make. This sacrifice has inspired a good bit of art over the centuries including beautiful music, sculpture and paintings.  For example - here is an image of the Pieta by Michelangelo - how he imagined Mary might hold the body of her son and mourn: Music and