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Lent at St Paul

Lent at St Paul Lent - a time of contemplation, penitence and making time to consider the beauty of God's love for the world. What's not to like about Lent? S ome of us struggle with these days before Easter. Maybe we want to get to the celebration - life can be difficult and we often walk in days of wilderness, so we yearn for the things that bring us joy! The music of Lent is a beautiful thing - it speaks to the darkness, opening it up to let God's light shine in. The music speaks of the different feelings and sorrows of our souls and makes room for the joys that Easter brings. In Lent, we will have Evening Prayer on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm - with a Lenten Choir of volunteer singers helping us sing. There will be short Lenten Dramas as well, from Prayers of the Passion.   March 1st - Men for Him will sing at 8:30 and 11:00 worship - featuring Prayer of the Children  written by Kurt Bestor. He wrote this piece in the late 20th century, frustrated by the horr