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 A year - it's been a year!  A year on March 17th since our building closed - and rehearsals were cancelled.  A year since choirs have sung in our worship space. Yet - there is hope. Today, we had the Pacer String Quartet visit for 8:30 worship - and they breathed life into the worship, into the room, into our hearts with their music.  They gave of themselves and this little bit of hope grew a little more in my heart - as I realize, we are one step closer to have someone sing in worship. And then having a small group sing in worship - stepping our way back to hymns and choirs. Let's pray for each other, be patient and compassionate with each other - even when, especially when, we don't want to.  Everyone has had some sort of song stilled during the pandemic. And some of us have lost a little and some of us have lost a lot. And we are used to having all types of arts and mediums through which to express that. Right now - expressing that with our living is more vital than eve
5 months of different living                      5 months of online worship                                         5 months of looking for creative and new ways to be community. It's been about 5 months since the world slowed down as we knew it. and so many people have worked so hard to continue forward - but we do so differently. We who are in the performing arts in our communities and in our churches feel this pain in a way that is a bit different from the office workers who work from home. Although our pain is the same, some of us cannot complete a task like an office worker can complete at least some of their tasks - because our task depends on a group being close and together in a room - where we take what we have learned to do and make it into a piece of art as a group. There are new ways to do this - but they feel dysfunctional to some of us.  There are new ways to do this - but we will experiment and some of them won't work for us. This is not a pity