Advent and Christmas Music at and from St Paul Lutheran Church, Aiken, South Carolina The South Aiken High School Chorus Concert at St Paul on Monday,Dec. 12th - 7 pm. Note the flier above about our Bell Choir ringing at Hopelands Gardens Dec. 16th - 7 pm Worship and Music at St Paul 2 more Wednesday nights with Holden Evening Prayer Dec. 7th - Adam DePriest, Violin Dec. 14th - Alea Atkinson, Violin Sunday - December 4th, Advent 2 - 8:30 and 11:00 - our Choirs sing Jeremy Bankson's arrangement of "Come Now, O Prince of Peace" with violinist Alea Atkinson on the anthem and Alea and violist Layla Karimian providing prelude, communion music and accompaniment on hymns. 9:45 Contemporary Worship with Chris Morgan and contemplative Advent music and liturgy Sunday - Dec. 11th - Advent 3 - 8:30 and 11:00 - our Choirs sing "The Call" arr. by Schweizer,  9:45 Contemporary Worship with Chris Morgan and Advent music and liturgy Sunday, December 18th, Advent 4 Lessons and Ca

Autumn - Christ the King, Thanksgiving, Advent - it's almost Christmas!

 What a year we have had!  Thank you to those who came to our Veterans Concert to honor our Veterans on November 7th. The next Concert event this year will be the South Aiken High School on Monday, Dec. 12th at 7 pm - come and hear the Choir and support music in our schools! Meanwhile, we celebrate Christ the King this weekend - Nov. 20th - as we prepare to enter the season of Advent, we talk about this King Jesus - the one who did not come into the world with pomp and circumstance, but as a child - a baby! And we're getting ready to make lots of lovely music about that as well.  And it's almost Christmas! We have Advent 1 on Nov. 27th with a lovely anthem by each Choir at 8:30 and 11:00 On Dec. 4th - the choirs will both sing Come Now O Prince of Peace  by Jeremy Bankson. We will have violin and viola in both those worship services, and Chris Morgan will bring special music to 9:45 worship. So I'll be back soon to write about the rest of Advent and Christmas. As you approa
 Summer - Here we are - more than halfway through Summer. Although Summer won't end until the last part of September, our days have been a little cooler this week and you can almost feel Fall in the air!  Music at St Paul has moved along - as we've sung in and out of masks. The pictures here are from times before and during the pandemic. Through all of this - we've supported each other and I can't thank our wonderful musicians in the church and community enough for all they've done to lift up each other in this craft and art form we call music during these stressful years. Our faith tells us that we are not alone, and when we rehearse and make beautiful music, for some people, that makes it a bit easier to feel that we are not alone - that God is with us! For many of us, it gives us a higher and noble purpose. And for many of us the craft of being in a group, serving, performing, the thrill and love of singing or playing, and being part of something larger than ours
 We made it through Easter and will soon finish the Easter Season!  Wow - its been wonderful to be able to sing together, to make music, pray, hear God's Word and participate in the Sacrament of Holy Communion as well.  As we pray that the surges don't come to our area, we also are looking forward to summer - when the choirs will still sing in worship and we will start to plan for music for youth and children in the Fall. Check back to see what's going on - and hopefully, to see a concert or two listed by late August. On Memorial Day weekend, we will have a special time of prayer and remembrance for those who have given their all for others in the prelude slot - and a chance to sing of those heroes and God's presence around the world as well as in our country. Join us - online or onsite - and if you want to sing or make music, contact me. All are welcome. Deacon Kathleen

Art in Lent: Music, the Pieta, and thinking about how we express ourselves

Music at St Paul has been difficult at times over the last 2 years. Yet, we have continued to find ways to play, sing, and ring through worship and other events in our lives. This past week - on Sunday, March 6th - the 11:00 Choir sang "Lamb of God" by M. Christiansen. You can go here and look for that service in our archives: - it starts about 50:48. This morning on Sunday, March 13th our 8:30 Choir sang K. Lee Scott's "Contemplation of the Cross" - which can be found by going to the same link, and going to that service at 8:30 in the archives, beginning around 36:20. Both of these anthems are a sample of the music of Lent that reminds us of the sacrifice Jesus would make. This sacrifice has inspired a good bit of art over the centuries including beautiful music, sculpture and paintings.  For example - here is an image of the Pieta by Michelangelo - how he imagined Mary might hold the body of her son and mourn: Music and

More steps forward! Music increases inside our Worship Spaces!

 More steps forward! I know it seems like its taking forever, but we have been care-filled as we've stepped forward in music at St  Paul Lutheran Church during the pandemic. In June, the Choirs started singing indoors in small groups, masked. As we followed our church leadership's guidelines, at the end of June, we were able to sing unmasked for those who have been vaccinated.  Its now July, and we are praying for those who are still struggling with Covid-19 and beginning to plan more and more for Music in Worship. Stay tuned here for information on instrumentalists and other special music in worship at St Paul!
 A year - it's been a year!  A year on March 17th since our building closed - and rehearsals were cancelled.  A year since choirs have sung in our worship space. Yet - there is hope. Today, we had the Pacer String Quartet visit for 8:30 worship - and they breathed life into the worship, into the room, into our hearts with their music.  They gave of themselves and this little bit of hope grew a little more in my heart - as I realize, we are one step closer to have someone sing in worship. And then having a small group sing in worship - stepping our way back to hymns and choirs. Let's pray for each other, be patient and compassionate with each other - even when, especially when, we don't want to.  Everyone has had some sort of song stilled during the pandemic. And some of us have lost a little and some of us have lost a lot. And we are used to having all types of arts and mediums through which to express that. Right now - expressing that with our living is more vital than eve