Its Easter 2 - the second Sunday in the Easter season.

I do feel the joy of Easter, and am so thankful for all of the music and performing arts that we can access on the internet.

This week, Jessica Bessette has recorded a short trumpet rendition of "You Are Holy, You Are Whole" for our offertory in online worship. Her daughters, Julia and Jordan Bessette, recorded a version of "Wade in the Water" for the prelude/postlude.

This is awesome! That we can begin to bring more people into leading music in worship - while online. But it's different. And there are others working on music to record for this purpose. Please keep them in prayer.

So today, I encourage you to go to our Youtube Channel, St Paul Lutheran Church Aiken SC - and worship with us at 10 am or later, if needed.

And to inspire you further, go here and know that many of us are praying for you - for all who visit this page and blog:

The text is Dona Nobis Pacem - which translates to Grant Us Peace - I pray for God's peace for you and all you love; for strength for the week; and for healing - that we may all be united in love with God in Christ.

Grant Us Peace O Lord.


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