5 months of different living
                     5 months of online worship
                                        5 months of looking for creative and new ways to be community.

It's been about 5 months since the world slowed down as we knew it. and so many people have worked so hard to continue forward - but we do so differently. We who are in the performing arts in our communities and in our churches feel this pain in a way that is a bit different from the office workers who work from home. Although our pain is the same, some of us cannot complete a task like an office worker can complete at least some of their tasks - because our task depends on a group being close and together in a room - where we take what we have learned to do and make it into a piece of art as a group.

There are new ways to do this - but they feel dysfunctional to some of us. 
There are new ways to do this - but we will experiment and some of them won't work for us.

This is not a pity party - but I think it is healthy to grieve what we have lost and recognize that we cannot try to go forward like we always have. We CAN go forward - just differently!

So we meet on Zoom - we find ways to resurrect old recordings to enhance new worship opportunities or new concerts and artistic events online!

So we talk and talk, and write and pray and talk some more! Then we encourage everyone to find a way to study online, take lessons on line, talk online - so we can move forward in a respectful and thoughtful way - to bring art into worship and our world. 

Music is part of the arts - I think of it as a creative way to behold math for our ears. Some people see it differently.

The music must not stop - it will not stop. 
But it will become - something. Something that is assembled differently, until its not.
Something that still moves us - but we absorb it differently. Yet - still, it is an outpouring of who we are and whose we are. 

Music is moving... and wonderful... and sad and happy... and it is a natural part of our being. We move and laugh, and sing and dance!

Let's keep listening and praying together - whether we are online or the phone together or not.
Let's keep the music teachers and students in our prayers, as well as the other artistic friends of our communities.
Let's keep supporting the arts - for in such a time as this - they support us more than we can ever imagine!

For through the arts, we experience God in new and thoughtful ways, encouraging us to expand our hearts and minds to see God around us - no matter how good or bad things are. Light shining in the darkness is something to sing about, to paint, to write a play about. 

Join us as we keep moving forward -stumbling and walking - holding each other up! There, did you see that? Being together even in this online way, we are the gathered body of Christ - and God is here.


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