A year - it's been a year! 

A year on March 17th since our building closed - and rehearsals were cancelled. 

A year since choirs have sung in our worship space.

Yet - there is hope.

Today, we had the Pacer String Quartet visit for 8:30 worship - and they breathed life into the worship, into the room, into our hearts with their music. 

They gave of themselves and this little bit of hope grew a little more in my heart - as I realize, we are one step closer to have someone sing in worship. And then having a small group sing in worship - stepping our way back to hymns and choirs.

Let's pray for each other, be patient and compassionate with each other - even when, especially when, we don't want to. 

Everyone has had some sort of song stilled during the pandemic. And some of us have lost a little and some of us have lost a lot. And we are used to having all types of arts and mediums through which to express that.

Right now - expressing that with our living is more vital than ever and that my friends, that will fuel the art that comforts our souls. It will provide strength to regain our voices, our drums and our ways of living.

Shhhh - can you hear it? Its Spring - a time of renewal. Let it stir in your heart and remember who and whose you are.



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