More steps forward! Music increases inside our Worship Spaces!

 More steps forward!

I know it seems like its taking forever, but we have been care-filled as we've stepped forward in music at St Paul Lutheran Church during the pandemic.

In June, the Choirs started singing indoors in small groups, masked. As we followed our church leadership's guidelines, at the end of June, we were able to sing unmasked for those who have been vaccinated. 

Its now July, and we are praying for those who are still struggling with Covid-19 and beginning to plan more and more for Music in Worship. Stay tuned here for information on instrumentalists and other special music in worship at St Paul!


  1. A new post will follow soon. On July 29th, our leadership agreed that Masks be worn inside the building by all people - whether you are vaccinated or not. Look for an update here soon.
    Deacon Kathleen


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